A Letter Self Adhesive - Mirror Polish Stainless Steel


Product Code: A - C TRMPSSSA-MAX6

If you need a letter that can stand up to the elements and look great on your trade stand then this is the one for you. These 3" Mirror Polished Stainless Steel letters incorporate our innovative Nanocoast technology making them corrosion resistant and come in our MAX6MUM SECURITY packaging. 

Our Nanocoast® technology was designed specifically for properties in coastal areas and industrial areas. In these areas acid rain and salt attack the metal coatings making them tarnish very quickly, Nanocoast® products don’t.
These letters also incorporate our Hidden Fix technology which leaves no visible signs of product fixings on doors. The Hidden Fix letter has a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering so fixing a letter has never been easier.
These letters are made from pure stainless steel and has been designed to give a life time of use in any area.
Salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours and comes with a lifetime guarantee against surface corrosion.
*Please order in quantities of 10*

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