B107 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader


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Genuine Lishi Direct Reader – B107

If you offer key cutting services or are considering it definitely invest in the B107 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader from Universal Imports. This fantastic auto locksmith tool will allow you to get precise key cut heights with ease even if the key isn’t present, plus you don’t even have to pick the lock. Highly sought after, Genuine Lishi tools are of the highest quality and are developed to help make your work process faster and far easier than with standard tools on the market. By employing professional locksmiths Genuine Lishi is able to get up to date and accurate information as to what lock tools require tweaking so as to ensure that they are most effective and easy to use.

Known around the globe as the best brand that offers high quality auto locksmith tools, Genuine Lishi, enables locksmiths to get the job done faster and easier through innovative designs and improve their profits with investments in lock tools that outlast all others. We recommend you purchase Genuine Lishi tools and accessories only from Approved Distributors to ensure the products are 100% original. Universal Imports is an official approved distributor that is able to offer the lowest prices for Lishi tools on the market through continuous growth in buying power.

As a professional locksmith you should always strive to continuously grow in your field. In order to get more jobs and clients many locksmiths are turning to offering key cutting services. Stock up on Lishi Direct Readers for car makes and models that you often find yourself working with or specialize in so as to increase your profits and boost your business.

The B107 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader from Universal Imports covers the following makes and models:


·         CTS from 2008


·         Rainier 2004-2007

Universal Imports takes pride in the quality tools and close professional relationships with top brands such as Genuine Lishi. We strive to offer only the best locksmith auto tools and accessories on the international market so as to give every professional auto locksmith an opportunity to continuously grow in their trade. With international shipping we are able to expand our great prices and fantastic range of products around the globe thus giving locksmiths everywhere a means to improve their business and get high quality auto locksmith tools and accessories. 

For more information on how to use the Genuine Lishi Tools, or to find out which vehicles this tool will give you the key heights for, please visit www.LishiTools.com or the Genuine Lishi Forum.

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