Professional Bump Keys and Bump Tools

One of the most common ways to open any locked door today is through “bumping” it, thus tricking it into opening without causing damage to the door itself. Unfortunately this method has also grown in popularity with thieves. However, still many people have standard locks on their doors without the extra security precautions against “lock bumping” and as a professional locksmith you should always be prepared with extra bump keys so as to be able to open any door with ease.

We offer a number of sets of bump keys which cover most lock types. Make your life easier and be prepared with even the slightest details in your locksmith toolbox so as to get the job done faster and move onto the next. Speed is essential for a locksmith especially if they get numerous calls. Numerous calls are achieved by continuously impressing your clients with your professionalism and preparedness to take on any job that you are called to. With a steady stream of customers you will see that certain extras will help you further improve customer satisfaction and overall revenue.

Universal Imports strives to provide everything required to keep a professional locksmith prepared for any front door security feature. There are new designs and security precautions taken every day so focusing on getting the right tools to keep up with the ever-changing front door security features will help you always be prepared to serve your customers needs. Door hardware is always changing but the basics stand. Once you have mastered a technique all you have to do is get the right tool and you can apply it even to the latest upgrades in security.

We ship internationally and understand that home and door security are of great importance regardless where you are located. You can always turn to us for assistance or guidance what are the most sought after commercial and domestic locksmith tools so as to get a better understanding of the services your competition offers. Overall though, security is just as important if you are in Asia or the Americas so focusing on what your customer requests are is key. With the high quality “bump” key sets you can easily tackle any lock that doesn’t have the special “lock bumping” prevention feature for added security. With years of experience in the industry Universal Imports has built strong relationships with the most trusted and reputable manufacturers of locksmith tools and thus can offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. Take a look for yourself.