Universal Imports offers an array of high quality smart keys, transponder keys, and remote keys for just about every model, make, and year. Whether you are a professional auto locksmith or are looking to find a new key for your vehicle we will help you every step of the way. We offer keys for Renault, VW, Opel, Land Rover, Ford, Peugeot, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mazda, Range Rover, Honda, Lexus, Audi, Toyota, and much more. With international shipping and high quality products this is the one stop shop for all your auto security needs.

Understanding the importance of transponder keys and how they affect your overall vehicle security will help you better understand their importance. Many people actually don’t know that most vehicles after 1990 actually have auto transponder keys. Though they are generally a bit more expensive to replace than standard keys and take longer to make they are well worth it. If you are a locksmith certainly you know how difficult it can be finding quality replacement keys, not only quality that your clients will like but also quality that will make adapting them to the vehicle easier and faster. We offer numerous options for a range of car makes.

Transponder keys have an electric chip inside them at the head of the key. This special chip allows the key to transmit a signal as well as receive a radio frequency. This frequency has a special code which aligns with the vehicles. If the code does not match up the vehicle will not start when the key is placed in the ignition. In addition, we offer a range of quality remote keys and smart keys.

Quality is very important when it comes to improving your car security. Since the use of chips in keys in the 1990’s in most vehicles auto theft has decreased significantly. Though in general vehicles are more secure in general, the keys have played a major part in the results. They make it almost completely impossible to defeat and override the vehicle ignition system making the vehicle immobile and near impossible to steal. Only special tools offered only to locksmiths can recreate the code and synch the key with the ignition.