Kia Transponder Keys and Remote Controls

Knowing where to buy quality Kia Transponder Keys and Remote Controls is essential as a professional locksmith if you offer key cutting and programming services and Universal Imports provides. We feature a wide range of options available at great prices shipped internationally. Choose from a wide variety of options such as only key shells, key transponders with a variety of buttons, or remote controls. Car dealerships were the only options car owners had in the past which made it difficult for them to get replacement keys as it was not only more expensive but took a lot longer as well. Today professional locksmiths have access to high quality auto locksmith tools and programmers which allow them to offer auto key replacement and duplication services.

Key transponders became popular back in the 1990’s when they were implemented as an added security measure on vehicle locks and engine starters. The way the transponder works is through the electric chip inside of them. The chip needs to be programmed perfectly to match the chip in the vehicle starter in order for it to start. No longer can someone simply cut an identical key and start the car, it must be properly programmed as well. This has reduced car theft to a minimum however the replacement of these keys was very expensive as the car owners could only turn to the dealership. Today there are less expensive alternatives available and a variety of key options as well.

When it comes to choosing a Kia Transponder Key and Remote Control its essential to choose one that not only matches the client’s needs but is of high quality as well. This is important not only so the transponder can work longer but so the professional locksmith can program it easier to match the vehicle. With the help of transponders it has become nearly impossible to start the vehicle ignition without the matching chip thus reducing car thefts to a minimum and allowing car owners the peace of mind. As a professional locksmith choosing a supplier with a variety of high quality options, low prices, and fast international shipping is key and Universal Imports is a perfect example of that.