CB Button Gauge Set


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Product Code: CB-BG

Designed to manipulate mechanical digital locks such as Simplex, Supra etc. The gauge has been modified to have 3 radial index lines to improve it’s functionality.

Simplex Made Simple

For the times when locksmiths need to manipulate [from the front] the Simplex Mechanical Digital Locks: 1000 Series etc with the same Code Chamber  This is a practical way of manipulating these locks as opposed to: guessing or trying out thousands of different permutations.                             

By using this procedure you stand a better chance of:

A) understanding the relationship between the gears and buttons
B) understanding the gears within the code chamber
C) understanding how this method of manipulation works
Kit comes with:
1 x Button Gauge
1 x instructions written by Chris Belcher

There have been various other methods, each to their own, each having a method for the person using, however, Chris Belcher has taken a step forward with a different approach, leaving behind all the guessing, the tapping and the reams of permutations - for you the locksmith to discover a more logical method of manipulation of mechanical digital locks such as the Simplex 1000, with code chambers made in the same way. With this method ‘we’ approach the lock from a mechanical and logical perspective.

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