Euro Cylinders

Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks

Widely used not only in the UK but internationally the Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks offered by Universal Imports are an effective and inexpensive solution to boosting your home security system. A favourite of anyone that produces doors or is in new building construction they have plenty of security features yet are affordable and durable. Developed to help protect not only your front door but your home overall they are a suitable choice if you are looking to up the door security of your home on a budget.

Suitable for most composite size doors and very easy to fit the Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks come in a variety of size options so as to make choosing the ideal size easier. The added security features include an anti-bump zero lift pin which prevents bumping of the lock which today is one of the most common ways intruders break in without leaving a trace. This feature is especially important because the homeowner is not only affected by being robbed but insurance companies usually refuse to pay a claim as there is no proof that the lock was forced open.

The Budget Zero lift Euro Cylinder Locks have also been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers which is highly sought after by both homeowners and professionals today as it proves both effectiveness and durability. These cylinder locks are actually the lowest priced SBD Euro Cylinder Locks on the market making them a fantastic investment. Though commonly purchased by professionals which produce doors for new building construction, housing associations, and local authorities, they are also a great choice for homeowners looking to improve their overall home security system on a budget. These cylinder locks are available in polished brass and nickel in a variety of sizes to best fit not only your door size but the rest of your door hardware as well.

Before you purchase a lock make sure you are getting the right size. This is especially important as if a lock overhangs or protrudes from the door it is much easier to use another common method of breaking in, ‘lock snapping’. There are a number of accessories which you can purchase to measure the right size lock necessary or simply see the size of the cylinder lock you currently have fit into your door and determine the size based on that (of course as long as it also doesn’t protrude from the door). This will help further improve your overall front door security.

Universal Imports has a goal of providing every customer an option based on their needs and budget. By offering great quality budget products we work towards improving overall business and home security regardless of the available funds put aside for it. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks or any other product or service we offer.