Euro Cylinders, Mortice Locks, and Borg Locks

Borg Locks, Mortice Locks, and Euro Cylinders 

The Universal Imports lock range features high quality Euro Cylinder Locks, Mortice Locks, and Borg Locks to help improve door security and your overall home security system. These locks offer a great value for money but ensure that this does not compromise on their high quality. Improving front door security is key to improving your overall business and home security and deterring intruders. The fitting of high quality secure locks is recommended by both police and insurance companies to help improve your overall home protection and prevent break-ins.

The quality UAP Zero Lift Cylinder range offered by Universal Imports is available in two different ratings, a budget and plus range. Both of these types of locks are designed with a number of features to help prevent attacks onto the lock through picking and drilling. An added benefit of these cylinder locks is the anti-snap feature which prevents the lock mechanism from being revealed when it is snapped. Each UAP Zero Lift Cylinder Lock featured on Universal Imports has be approved with Secure by Design and meets the BSI Kitemarked TS007:2012 1 Star standards recommended by both insurance companies and police.

Universal Imports also has a great relationship with one of the best known home security brands MAX6MUM SECURITY. Their 6 Lever Mortice Lock range is a fantastic value for the money all the while offering impressive front door security. Known for offering top quality home security systems at affordable prices each of the mortice locks in their range have been tested to the BS3621:2007 and have numerous security features that help prevent the most common techniques of overcoming a lock. With extra deep anti pick brass levers, extended warding, anti-hacksaw deadbolts, heavy duty box strikers, and restricted keyways just to name a few, the MAX6MUM SECURITY range has a feature to deter every possible way to defeat a mortice lock. An added plus is the Latch Reverse which is easily the easiest around the world. Each of the Mortice Locks in the MAX6MUM SECURITY range have been developed in association with the Institute of Certified Locksmiths to ensure effectiveness, durability, and quality.

Universal Imports also has a range of digital locks in the form of Borg Locks. There are three available models, heavy duty, medium, and light. With over 8000 combinations the 2000 series of Borg digital locks are a light duty design. They are tested to a min of 50,000 cycles and are non-handed. The medium to heavy duty 5000 series feature stainless steel components, clutched handle so as to prevent damage to the Borg lock if forced, and options for free passage. The 7000 series are considered for heavy duty applications and have been tested for over 200,000 cycles and feature a free passage function, free acting handle, and on the door code changing.

Universal Imports strives to offer not only home security solutions but great commercial locks as well to help improve overall security and safety of a property. With top quality Borg, Mortice, and Cylinder locks we work towards offering property owners and locksmiths alike the possibility to improve security with inexpensive solutions.