Euro Cylinders

UAP + Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks

The UAP + Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Lock range available on Universal Imports is the ideal choice for anyone interested in boosting their front door security and thus improving their home security system with one simple installation. Each of the 6 pin cylinders have passed the TS 007 1* BSi and offer an inexpensive solution to preventing possible lock bumping and lock snapping among other possible threats. The 6 pin euro cylinders come in a variety of sizes and options to ensure you are purchasing the ideal lock for your needs and guarantee top security of your home. Developed with enhanced strength to ensure it’s stronger than any other lock these great Euro Cylinders can withstand drilling with a standard tip better than ever before.

Special features of the UAP + Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Lock Range that help protect from forced entry:

 Anti-Snap: With two anti-snap lines each featured on each end of the cylinder lock means the lock will break at the line rather than the camp point thus revealing the lock mechanism allowing for fast and easy entry. Entry thus cannot be gained through the cam being exposed.

Anti-Bump: This Euro lock features a ‘zero lift’ pin which is made to sit much higher than the other pins thus ensuring that even the most professional bump key cannot touch it and in turn bump it. Bumping is the easiest and fastest entry into a home and with this feature you can deter even the most determined.

Anti-Pick: On each side of the cylinder lock are three Stainless Steel Anti-Pick pins which prevent picking of the lock mechanism.

Anti-Drill: Only a special professional locksmith bit can get through the four hardened steel anti-drill pins located on both sides of the cylinder lock. There are two in the barrel and two in the plug.

Each of the UAP + Zero Lift Kitemarked Euro Cylinder Locks featured on Universal Imports are developed to conform to the EN1303:2005 Standards and have been awarded the prestigious ‘Secure by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers. They have also been awarded the British Kitemarked from BSi (# KM 561977). We recommend you combine your Euro cylinder locks with the TS 007 2* handle to make your front door almost impenetrable. Each lock is available in a variety of sizes as well as in Brass or Nickel finish so as to help you better not only match it to your door to prevent overhanging but ensure it matches the rest of your door hardware as well.