Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice for Inserting/Removing Pins


Product Code: LISHIFKV

Every professional locksmith should always be prepared with quality tools that will help broaden their services and make their job faster and easier and the Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice is a key tool to achieve just that. Improving your auto locksmith toolbox is an important part of improving your current customer base and increasing your overall revenue. It’s important that you are always prepared with the latest locksmith auto tools to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition and ready to take on any client that calls.

Improving your business and allowing it to grow is key to staying ahead. In addition, if you are just getting into the locksmith trade it’s important that you start off on the right foot by getting important tools such as the Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice. It’s a key equipment for removing and inserting pins in flip keys. This is usually done when replacing the blade. Designed to hold flip keys of all shapes and sizes the double vice of the Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice makes this possible with ease. There are two holding jaws that can hold just about any flip key size. With the Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice you also get two pin removal tools as well as two pin insertion tools. The grip onto the keys is strong and stable allowing the location pin to be easily and quickly removed without it being lost. Everything you need for professional, fast, and comfortable removal and insertion of pins in flip keys comes in one compact unit. With some practice you will be able to disassemble any flip key in under 3 seconds. What’s great about this Lishi tool is that regardless if you are left or right handed it is easy to use and work with.

Take the time and consider the numerous Lishi tools options and remember that when you choose Lishi you choose quality. Universal Imports is one of the biggest Lishi tools distributors in Asia, the US, and Europe. By choosing a trusted distributor you can rest assured that you are getting true Lishi tools quality. The competition of continuously making increased revenue as a locksmith depends highly on the quality of the auto locksmith tools you use. Universal Imports is easily one of the most trusted and popular international distributor of locksmith auto tools. We are always working hard to be on top of the latest auto lock security changes so as to provide the ideal tools to ensure that every professional locksmith is ready to take on the challenge. 

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