HON Genuine Lishi Slave Keys (pack of 20)



Being properly prepared is what makes a locksmith a true professional and Universal Imports offers only the highest quality Genuine Lishi HON60 Slave Keys in a pack of 20. Genuine Lishi tools and accessories are world known as the best in the locksmith world and more and more people trust their quality products for all their auto needs. Professionals and customers alike trust Genuine Lishi more than any other brand primarily because of their high focus on offering the latest and most durable auto accessories and tool security options.

Universal Imports is a licensed distributor of Genuine Lishi which allows us to offer our customers the most competitive prices on the market all the while still being able to provide you with the latest designs, innovations, and of course, the widest range of master and slave keys. The Genuine Lishi HON60 Slave Keys for the Honda Legend from 1991 to 1994 are a perfect addition to your locksmith workshop as the vehicle is still widely popular which means that you will have a regular customer base of Honda owners turning to you for slave keys. Losing or breaking a key is common and everyone at one point or other has to find a means of getting a new one. Most initially turn to the dealership however not only is it far more expensive to get an original but it takes a lot longer as well. In turn, most people end up going to their local auto locksmith and request an additional key.

In many cases when people buy a new car, especially used, they find themselves with only one key for the vehicle. As keys often end up locked in the car it’s important to always have a slave key handy to ensure you are prepared for such situations. As a professional locksmith you can offer numerous services for the customer base in your area and by properly stocking slave keys for different makes and models you will be able to immediately respond to a request and offer faster service. This in turn will help you continue to build onto your business.

Universal Imports offers numerous great master and slave key options. By starting with some of the most popular vehicle makes and brands you can easily start building on a customer base of individuals that seek your services for when they lock their keys in the car or lose them. With the Genuine Lishi HON60 Slave Key for Honda Legend models from 1991 until 1994 you can provide your customers with fast and professional service. 

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