HU Genuine Lishi Slave Keys (pack of 20)



Genuine Lishi Slave Keys – HU – Pack of 20

Getting stocked with HU Genuine Lishi Slave Keys will help any professional auto locksmith get more and keep his current customer base and Universal Imports is now offering a 20 pack of the keys. It’s important as a professional to always remember to have different types of master and slave keys in stock so when a client calls for one or you go on a job you can be prepared with everything necessary to get it done promptly rather than have to wait for delivery as most customers won’t be patient enough to wait for the next day to get the job done.

The HU Genuine Lishi Slave Key pack of 20 gives you just enough keys to comfortably start offering key cutting services. Remember to take now how many keys you have of each car make and model to ensure that you never run out of keys. This will help keep you on track and prevent getting a surprise when someone asks for services on a specific car model and you are unprepared with a suitable key. With so much competition in the locksmith trade it will be just as easy for them to turn to another locksmith for the job. Suitable for a number of car makes and models the HU Genuine Lishi Slave Key line is a perfect choice due to its durability and high quality development.

For use with the following models:




Astra 2004 Onwards

Combo Van 2004 Onwards

Corsa 2002 Onwards


Meriva 2004 Onwards

Tigra 2004 Onwards

Vectra Up To 2006

Zafira From 2004







Most Models 2006 Onwards





Genuine Lishi tools are already well known internationally for their high quality and development of auto locksmith tools that make work easier, faster, and more effective. By choosing HU Genuine Lishi Slave Keys you can easily guarantee your customers that they are getting the best on the market and ensure them that the keys they are receiving will work time and time again just like the Lishi tools. Universal Imports is an official Genuine Lishi distributor and ensures fast and secure international shipping so as to give every professional locksmith an opportunity to stand out among the competition.

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