Letters and Numerals

Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters

Giving your home a name or number is absolutely essential if you want it to be found easily and the MAX6MUM SECURITY Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters from Universal Imports ensure just that in an easy, effective, and inexpensive way. Developed for easy fixing these letters are the perfect choice for ensuring your guests, the postal services, and emergency vehicles find your home with ease both during the day as well as at night.

Though not necessary essential for door security the letters and numbers of your home are a key way of finding the address and if at any point you need emergency vehicles dispatched to your home they will not be delayed because they cannot find the address. In addition, you will no longer look for your post at the neighbours and won’t have to continuously give directions to visitors because they cannot read your address. The Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters from MAX6MUM SECURITY are also a great way to improve your properties overall curb appeal with numerous finish options so as to better match them with the rest of the door security and hardware.

Designed with the durable Nanocoast technology these letters form a watertight seal when fixed onto any surface and ensure they can withstand even the most brutal weather conditions. Made entirely of stainless steel the 3” letters and numbers guarantee lifetime use in any area and ensure corrosion and discoloration prevention. With salt spray tests to pass ASTM B117 standards for 2,000 hours they ensure the lifetime guarantee against any surface corrosion due to the elements.

Universal Imports ships numerous fantastic products by MAX6MUM SECURITY internationally and guarantees only the highest quality. The Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters come in Letters A-C and Numbers 0-9. Their numerous finish options match the rest of the Nanocoast technology line to make matching them to other door security and hardware products easy. Each pack comes with full fitting instructions that are easy to follow and understand. Remember, Universal Imports strives to always offer the best on the market at the best prices. We guarantee the MAX6MUM SECURITY quality.