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Every month we gather information about our most sought after products and provide professional locksmiths special price offers on them right here on our Product of the Month page. Universal Imports doesn’t take advantage of high interest in a particular product to raise prices, but in turn, cuts them drastically to ensure that every professional will be able to have an opportunity to have the latest popular product whether it be an auto or domestic locksmith tool, accessory, or even home security lock or other door hardware.

Our Product of the Month page will feature just one product every month based on the statistics we have gathered from locksmiths around the globe. This information is from the number of inquiries and purchases of this particular product and overall feedback on our site. Our goal is to make highly sought after products, whether they are home security products, domestic or auto locksmith tools, or even a popular accessory even more appealing by cutting its price drastically.

This is also a great place to catch the latest trend in the locksmith industry today throughout Europe and around the globe. As we work with locksmiths internationally the product listed in this page is what professionals, and in turn, your competition, are looking to invest in or have already invested in giving you a broad view of how the overall locksmith trade is progressing. This will help you furthermore gather information as to how and where you want to take your profession and the services you should consider offering.

Universal Imports is more than just a supplier for professional locksmiths around the globe. We strive to build a community for professionals where they can not only stock up their locksmith toolbox or find door and window security hardware for their clients but read up on the latest news and trends, get fantastic discounts on the products their competition is investing in, and overall become better locksmiths altogether. We want to work with you in growing in your trade and providing you with the means and lock tools to continue to grow.