Signature Range Domestic and Commercial Mortice Tools

Universal Imports offers some of the highest quality commercial and domestic mortice lock tools on the market. Our experience in the industry has provided us with the knowledge and strong relationships with the most sought after manufacturers allowing us to provide you with the lowest prices on the market. We know the importance of how well a locksmith’s toolbox is stocked and take care to offer everything necessary to do it properly. Being prepared for any lock that may be blocking your way and special customer’s requests is key to obtaining and keeping a continuous client base. Returning customers and referrals are key to being ahead of the competition and by having the right tool for any job you are called to you are just one step closer.

We offer only the best of the best on the market when it comes to quality mortice lock tools. Whether you are faced with a 2, 3 or 6 lever mortice lock we have the tools to get through it. Offering everything from handpick tools to carefully open a mortice lock to mortice lock key blanks we will get you prepared for any job you are called to. With our try out key chains ranging from 7 to 19 pieces, door separators, and impressioning tool sets even the pickiest clients will be impressed.

In addition we offer quality mortice lock decoders, overlifter kits, and even letterbox toolkits. There are also plenty of extras and accessories that will simply make your job much easier. Focusing on making your job easier is our ultimate goal. This is why we focused on tracking the latest updates in front door security to ensure we provide you with the tools to provide your customers the ultimate range of services.

Shipping around the globe we are focused on giving every locksmith an equal opportunity to be the best they can be and thus continue to grow their business. With each additional service you provide your customers you are one step closer to getting head of the competition. The more you offer your customers, the faster you are able to give them access, get them the new key, or replace their mortice lock the more likely they are to call again if they have lock problems again or recommend you to friends. Trust Universal Imports and stock your toolbox with the latest Mortice Lock tools so you too can be prepared every time you set out on a call.