HON70 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader



Genuine Lishi Motorcycle Direct Reader – HON70

Aside from working with automobiles many professional locksmiths also service motorcycles and the HON70 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader from Universal Imports is an absolute must. This is an essential tool if you make replacement keys for Honda motorcycles or plan to in the future. The direct reader allows you to get exact key heights without having the key present and without wasting time on picking the lock. It’s a great compact auto locksmith tool that helps you get faster results from a top brand in the locksmith industry. Professional locksmiths around the globe have turned to us to get only real Lishi tools as we are approved distributors direct from Genuine Lishi. By choosing Universal Imports you will not only get the best quality at the lowest prices but fast and secure international shipping.

Motorcycles are a great added service that professional locksmiths can add onto their list in order to ensure that their customers will never seek another locksmith for the job. Competition among locksmiths is harsh around the globe and a small investment in both money and time to master this tool will help you further build onto your customer base and grow in your trade.

The HON70 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader covers the following Honda motorcycle models:

·         CBR 600RR 2003 onwards

·         Shadow 750 from 2004

·         NT650 from 1999

·         Varadero from 2003

·         VT750 C4 from 2004

·         CBR 600 F4 from 1999

·         CBR1100F from 1999

·         CBR900 from 2003

·         Firestorm 1997 to 2005

·         Superhawk 1997 to 2005

·         VTR1000F 1997 to 2005

·         CBR 125 from 2010

·         Super Blackbird from 1997 to 2007

·         CBR1100XX from 1999 to 2007

·         NSS 250 2001 to 2008

·         CBR 600RR 2003 onwards

·         Big Ruckus 2004 to 2007

·         Reflex 2001 to 2008

·         Silver Wing from 2001

·         X11 from 2001

·         Various models from 1999

Genuine Lishi tools are engineered in order to ensure professional locksmiths get the best quality. Each auto locksmith tool you purchase from Universal Imports will feature the Genuine Lishi logo to guarantee that you are getting it from a high quality supplier. Genuine Lishi is popular among auto locksmiths because they are always on top of the latest security changes in vehicles and motorcycles thus ensuring you always have the latest tools available to conquer any lock. Turn to Universal Imports for all your auto locksmith tool needs and get guaranteed Genuine Lishi tools shipped internationally at the best prices on the market.


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